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Earn Money from PTC Sites

Do you know what is PTC? PTC stands for Pay to Click which means you are paid if you click ads. The amount of money you get depends on the number of ads you click. The more ads you click, then the more money you earn. And the cost per click is offered depending on the provider's site PTC, typically range between $0.001 to $0.02.

If you are interested to earn money from PTC sites, you can sign up to these PTC sites. The following are some of the best PTC sites and proven pays its members :
  1. Clixsense
  2. Neobux
  3. Incentria
  4. Clicksia
  5. WordLinx
From the five PTC sites above, the fastest earn money is Neobux, because the PCT website offers referrals that can be rented. Which means you pay a refferal to click on ads and you will get a commission from the ad clicked by your referrals. Thus, the more referrals you rented, the more money you will earn.

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10 Tips for Successful Dropshipping

Many traders have got success in the business due to dropshipping. This article will give you precisedropshipping tips information about dropshipping. It provides you the possibility to display your products at the popular platform. It will protect your business as customer prefers to order products directly from your website.

Besides, you can get possibilities of getting order from international dropshippers from Asia, Europe or even America. You need to consider the different things before you select any drip shipper. Some of the tips will help you to find the right drop shipper for your business.
  1. You should devote some time to find information about dropshipper on the internet. You can get guidelines from dropshipping forums and websites.
  2. If you want to get orders, first find the information about the duration of the delivery. Some dropshippers require 7 or more day for order processing. If you have selected the dropshippers from foreign shippers, you should pay attention to the international delivery time that can take several weeks.
  3. If you face any problem during delivery time, or there is some delay in it, you need to talk to your customer immediately. It is important that you should establish a good communication and inform them so that they feel in good hands.
  4. You should be careful while dealing with dropshippers where you need to pay the fee for their products. There are some unprofessional offers that you can sort out with clear consistence. Serious dropshipping does not suggest these types of arrangements.
  5. On the internet, there are multiple dropshipping addresses and lists that you can buy. You can find multiple portals that are opened for public with costs. These on sold drop machine lists work like a money machine with some outdated lings that you cannot use. Only a serious list also includes serious dropshippers.
  6. A good dropshipping reseller does not explain about the quantity of minimum order. It is the time when you need to pay attention to this. For example, if you get 100 products for a sensational price from any product line if you cannot forward products to your customers. Exactly, it makes a precise distinction between wholesale trade and dropshipping.
  7. Try to contact to multiple dropshippers and sell products to them. Pay attention to the market gaps and try to find out their reasons so that you can earn highest profit. Try to find out the working process of eBay and online portals and their prices in accordance to the profit margin. It is good if you trade with multiple products with one product line.
  8. It can prove an effective tip for you. It is good if you always drive a self-testing. If you order something, you should try dropshippers at the start. Try to order from friends, some products and other family members and then check the reliability of dropshipping partner. If it gets success, you can easily carry out a second test and start your business.
  9. Giving proper attention to the payment methods is also very important. International dropshippers provide you different payment options like western union and other firms. While transforming money, you should keep in mind that if something wrong happens, you will not see the product or money. For these reason, credit card is considered the safe option while PayPal is another secure method. It is comfortable and quick method if the product does not arrive, it will bring your money back.
  10. Sell your products on eBay as it will provide you larger potential for sale. Make some advertising or your online website and also optimize it to place at the high ranking in the search engines.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Thinking of dropshipping? This guide contains information about dropshipping, what it is, pros and cons and resources to get you started.

What is dropshipping?
Drop shipment or drop shipping is a type of retailing where the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead passes the customer's order and shipment details to the wholesaler, who then dispatches the goods to the customer directly. The retailer makes their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

Advantages of dropshipping
Drop shipping can be a very simple and effective way to get started in ecommerce. Many online merchants find dropshipping strategies are good way of minimizing stock holding, decreasing overall shipping costs and cutting down on delivery times to customers.
  1. No need to hold stock. Drop shipping allows web site owners to send single or low quantity unit orders gathered on their web sites to manufacturers, or wholesale warehouses, who in turn ship the items directly to the customers of the web site owner. Typically you take care of the promotion and collect the payment, and the drop shipper looks after order fulfillment. 
  2. You buy at a low wholesale price. Drop shippers can buy in huge volumes this means they will be able to offer you the best prices on products and shipping, usually wholesale. 
  3. No money up front to buy stock. There's no capital investment, no need to invest in stock and no danger of you suddenly having large stocks you are unable to sell. 
  4. You can sell a wider product range without buying stock. Using drop shipping allows you great flexibility in terms of product range. Promote as much or as little as you wish. 
  5. No need to worry about inventory and delivery. You can focus on listening to the market and discovering the products your visitors want to buy.
Disadvantages of dropshipping
  1. Prices. Don't accept that the first drop shipper you come across will give you the best deal you should shop around. 
  2. Drop ship fees and charges. It's important to know all the costs involved so you can calculate your profit margins accurately. Any wholesale company that wants to charge you a regular "participation" fee should be avoided - the only time you should have to pay a dropship company anything is in connection with a specific order. 
  3. Shipping. Is the drop shipper using a reputable shipping company o deliver the goods? Where will they ship to? 
  4. Accounts. Will the drop shipping company automatically debit your credit card on each order you submit, or can you get monthly payment terms? 
  5. Support, returns and refunds. The last thing you'll want is to be caught up in a nasty situation where you have a number of returns - and have to foot the bill. Ask the dropshipping company about their returns policy, what kind of support they'll offer you for their products and about any guarantees associated with their products - and get it in writing. 
  6. Credibility. How long have the drop shippers been around for? Do they respond to your requests for information rapidly and professionally? Young dropship companies and wholesalers have the habit of going bust quickly, or growing too rapidly and as a consequence basic good customer service suffers.
How do I get started dropshipping?
Its fairly easy to get started, the barriers to entry are low and you shouldnt have to invest much money up front.
  • Set up a online shop (our ecommerce software system is perfect)
  • Find wholesale suppliers of products you wish to sell that will drop ship
  • Open an account with the company
  • Build your site, using content and images provided by the dropshipper or produced by yourself
  • When an order is made your site should alert you and take payment
  • Pass the customer details to the dropshipper
  • The dropshipper should then bill you at the special price you have agreed upon. Fulfills the order (in most cases with labels referring to your business/web site instead of the dropshippers)
How do I find drop shipping friendly suppliers?
You can always contact wholesalers directly asking them if they operate a dropshipping program. You can usually find details by searching on the internet. Searching for the terms "drop shipping" or "drop ship" along with your area of interest usually gives pretty good results.

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Type of Products for Online Business (Online Store)

If you are interested in creating Online Stores, surely you must determine what products should be prepared. There are some people think even confused determine the type of products for their online store.

Here are examples of products that are popular on the market:

Health and Weight Loss Product
Everyone will want to lose weight for the excessive weight and also want health. If you are serious and intend to focus to help people to lose weight or just to improve health, this is one idea that can be considered.

Beauty Product
If we talk about beauty certainly relate to women. According to the monitoring that women are now a consumer group that is much greater. Examples of products that can be sold are beauty products for face so as not to get old, etc.

Sports Product
I think that is suitable for those of you that athlete or ex athlete or a famous artist who can sell their products by including the brand on their behalf. Just imagine if they have lots of fans then seduce to buy! It can be ascertained that the product would sold.

Fashion Product
Of course fashion products are the best-selling products at this time, no matter where you are today. If you can display high-quality fashion on the website/blog, you will not only attract a consumer sector even more. Example: look at the celebrity and gossip magazines to find out what's hot preached then look for vendors & selling the same or similar items.

Cheap High-Quality Product
Whatever you choose to sell products on your website, make sure your products are cheaper than products available on other sites or even in offline stores. The trick, you can find out high quality products but at lower prices. This is one of the tips to attract customers.

Hopefully the above types of products can provide ideas for those of you who want to do business online.

50+ Ways to Making Money on Internet

Get Paid to Surf
Get paid to surf is kind of big on the internet. And of course scammers are all over it as well. So, be careful and make sure you register with known and trusted sites. You won’t make much money, but not much work is required either.

Make Money Selling Photos Online
If you like photography and can take interesting pictures, there are many sites you can upload your images too and get paid every time someone downloads an image of yours. The good thing is that one photo can sell over and over again. Imagine the potential of having 100s of images on few sites. 

Get Paid to Take Online Surveys
One of the best ways to make money online is doing online surveys. Market research companies get paid from manufacturers and companies to gather feedback from their consumers, which they do by conducting online surveys. they then share some of that money, with those who participate in those online surveys. Although, paid survey scams have mad it harder for people to fin legitimate paid surveys sites, there are still hundreds of legitimate paid survey companies out there, willing to pay you for your opinion.
Get Paid to Play Games (game money)
On game sites like Farm Gold and Second Life, you can make virtual money, which can be exchanged for real money. I am sure you have heard of like Ansche Chung, which is the first person who become a millionaire, exchanging her virtual money earned from Second Life for real money, worth over a million dollar. 

Get Paid as a Game Tester
Very easy way to make money by doing something enjoyable. But, its hard to find legit sites that pay you to test games. If you look around hard enough, you may find a company or two. If I do find one, I will update this page and post it here. So be sure to bookmark this page and check back.

Make Money with Your Own Search Engine
Use Google to build your own custom search engine. Build a search engine for a specific topic like a search engine just for finding information related to music or what have you. To get it going, set up contests for searchers, and give a prize to the biggest searcher. You make your money when people search from your search engine and click on ads.

Make Money Freelance Writing Online
One of the most popular ways to make money online is freelance writing. You don’t need any money to invest, there is no need to own a website, (although having one helps) and best of all, you can make quick money. In most cases you get paid the same day you finish working on the project. There are tons of places online you can offer your writings. There are even some websites that pay you for writing exclusive content for them. Get paid to write

Become a Job Referrer
Some firms pay referral bonuses of up to $1,000 for referring the right person for a job. Develop relationships with recruiters, like temporary job finding services and refer people who you know are fit for the specific job. You can do this both online and offline.

Software Plus
Work on already developed softwares and make them better and easier to work with.

Make Money Designing Logos
Hundreds of new websites and blogs are born everyday. Most of them will need a logo, but not every site owner knows how to make a logo. If you have some design talent, you can make good money offering custom logo creations on webmaster related forums and classified ads sites. Don’t have a professional software? Use free imaging tools such as PhotoFilter & GIMP to make stunning logos.

Get Paid For Your videos
With the huge interest in videos online, there is always room for more. Create interesting videos of yourself or whatever, and upload them to Web Sites like Revver and Break. They will share a percentage of their ad revenue with you. Plus you get something for each download as well.

Get Paid To Read Emails
As the title suggest, you get paid for reading emails. Everyday you receive paid emails in your inbox with links to different websites, whcih you have to click and view for a few seconds. Not a lot of money, but its something extra. 

Make Money with Reward Programs
Another one of those “quick” ways to make money online. Reward programs or as they are known online as GPT ( stands for Get Paid To…) are sites that pay their members for doing variety of things. Basically you earn money for doing thing that you already do online in some way or another such as signing up for freebies, registering with interesting sites, shopping, visiting different websites ad etc.GPT site are like middle man. They get paid from advertisers to drive leads (you) to them. They then give a percentage of what they earn from their advertisers with their members.
Earn Money Doing Directory Submission
In order for a website or blog to be successful and make money, it needs traffic. There are many ways to work on traffic. One way is to submit your site to website directories. But, many webmaster and blogger are busy with other aspects of running a site, so they don’t have time to do this. That’s where you can come in, and offer to submit their site to directories for a fee. Use forums like SitePoints and DigitalPoint to offer your service to webmasters.

Get Paid To Review
Set up a website or a blog, and start a review site. Website owners and bloggers will pay you to post a review of their site on your site. It helps them get the word out and helps you make money. You can also pick affiliate products and review them on your site and place your affiliate link for that product in the article. Every time someone buys that product using your link, you get a commission.

Get Paid For Data Entry
Not the scam one, we are talking about data entry for Google. Google pays people to take photos of businesses, and enter basic data such as hours of operation.

Earn Money as a Mystery Shopper
Mystery shopping is becoming a popular method for companies to evaluate there employees and their customer services skills. Although there are a lot of different opinions about this, mystery shopping is actually growing as an industry. You will be assigned to shop and dine in different places and report your experience back. Depending on specific assignments, you can expect to get paid anywhere from $40 to $300 or more per assignment. Of course, the amount that you spend buying goods and services will be reimbursed. Sometimes you get to keep the item you bought at no charge to you.

Sell Unused Items on eBay and Craigslist
Almost everyone knows how to make money on ebay these days and you are probably tired of hearing about it. But the truth of the matter is that ebay is a really good way to make money. Another great place to sell unused stuff is CraigsList. CL is one of the most visited sites in the world, so your ad will get viewed by many potential buyers and its free to place an ad on CL. Look around your house and find things you don’t need and use any more. List them on ebay for a fair price. No mater how much money you end up making selling your unwanted stuff on ebay, its still better than letting them dust in your garage!

Make Money Flipping Website and Domain
Buy good domains and resell for a profit. Build a website or a blog, work on it for a while and get it going. Its Just like flipping houses, when you get the site to a good point, put it up for sale. People like websites that are ready to go, and they do pay good money for it. Hundreds of website are bought and sold every day on sites like

Earn Money Designing Websites
If you are good at it, why not make money doing so? There are even free softwares such as Kompozer that you can use to design and build nice looking website without any knowledge of html. Use webmaster related forums like WarriorForum and DigitalPoints to find buyers.

Get Paid to Comment on Blogs
In order to rank higher and attract more traffic to make money, bloggers need quality links pointing back to their blog from other blogs, more than anything else. You can do that for them by commenting on other peoples blog and charging $0.50 or so for each link back.

Make Money Designing T-Shirts and Other Customizable Items
If you are good at making up catchy phrases and cool designs, you can make a decent amount of money designing and selling T-shirts on sites like Caf├ęPress. Get paid to design t-shirts

Make Money with Digital Scrap Booking Templates
I personally don’t get this, but many People love to scrapbook, and they do pay good money for templates. Make different kinds of templates, and make it easy for people to use them.

Record Songs and Sell Online
Don’t laugh at this one! In this age of YouTube and instant super stardom, its not very far fetched to think you can become a star if you can sing. YouTube and other video sharing sites make it possible for anyone to have a chance to be discovered by record label companies.

Make Money Making MySpace Backgrounds
They are all over the internet, those ad for MySpace background! And that means only one thing, there is a market for MySpace backgrounds! Creating MySpace backgrounds isn’t that hard. But, most users don’t have the time to do it or are simply lazy. You can provide them with this service and customize their MySpace pages, and charge a fee for doing so. What place better to advertise your service, than MySpace itself?…

Make Money with a Niche Directory
You have seen those directory sites that have a list of specific sites in different categories. Set up one for yourself. Gather a list of site and sources related to a specific niche, and list them on your site. Sell ad space to other webmasters. You can charge a monthly fee to have their ads shown on your site. is a good place to look for potential customers.

Get Paid to Search
Search engines are big money makers. No wonder every day new search engines pup up everywhere. But since they are not as big as Google and yahoo and some other engines, they pay you to use their site to search. Basically their sharing their earnings from their advertisers with you.

Making Money with Affiliate Programs
This is by far the best way to make money online, at least in my opinion. You are basically selling other people’s stuff for a commission. You can find digital products like e-books and short reports to promote on sites like ClickBank and PayDotcom. 

Get paid to search
Make Extra Money Making Photo Mosaics If you can make photo mosaics, set up a website and offer your Photo Mosaics service. You will be surprised how many people pay for these things.

Work as a Virtual Assistant
Its becoming very popular, as more and more online based businesses are born every day. People use virtual assistant for research, finding things, doing time consuming tasks, making phone calls and etc. Setup a free blog or site to offer your service.

Make Money Hosting Online Forums
Use softwares like SebFlipper to host hundreds of separate forums from a single web server. Make money by charging people to host a forum with you, or offer it for free, but show your ads on their forums and make money that way.

Get Paid To Install Applications
Most People have problem with installing different kinds of applications. If you are good at installing a particular app or a software, why not make some money while helping others?

Get Paid To Answer Questions
If you have knowledge about something (which you do, everybody knows about something that others may not know), put it to work for you. There are many websites that you can offer your expertise and knowledge in exchange for money. 11 Site To Give Advice & Answers For Money.
Pod Casting
Think of it as a voice or video blogging. Talk about interesting topic and make money from ads shown. If you are a good speaker, provide useful information and have a nice voice, its not that hard to get hundreds of subscribers. You can use free sites like to turn your blog into a podcast!

Make Money on eBay
Believe it or not, there are lots of people who don’t know how to sell on ebay. You can sell their stuff on ebay in exchange for a commission. You can take this one step farther and turn it into a bigger business by buying wholesale items and selling them individually on ebay. Don’t forget that garage sales are often good places to find worthy items for a fraction of the cost.

Make Money with Focus Groups
Focus group are basically the same as paid surveys, but unlike paid surveys, most focus groups are conducted in a physical location. Focus group studies are held in most major cities. You will be in with a group of other selected people, talking and answering question about whatever product or service the study is about. You can expect to get paid from $60 to $250 for an hour to a full day of study.
Domain Drop Shipping
Its basically selling domain registration for big domain registration sites like TuCows, which makes it easy for you to start your own private label domain registration and make money not only from the initial sale, but from renewals as well.

Create and Sell E-Books
You can make e-books about anything. If you have some knowledge about anything, whether its a recipe or a how to do this and that. Its not as hard as you think. Look at some e-books that are selling for $50-$100 or whatever, and you see what i mean (most of them are crap, but people do pay for them!). 
=Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk
Its one of the biggest unknown ways of making money online, yet its so easy to do. You do simple
tasks like differentiating pictures from text, and get paid for it. If you have enough time to invest in it,
you can make good money with amazon turk. Make money with amazon mechanical turk

Get Paid to Review Softwares
WebSites like SoftwareJudge will pay you for using and reviewing any of the software available in their collection.

Make Money Blogging
Blogging is becoming increasingly popular. You can set up a blog in less than an hour. There are many free blogging platforms you can use at first. When you get comfortable, then pay for your own hosting and domain name. You can blog about anything you like, no matter how bizarre and unusual you may think it is. There is always an audience out ether. You can make money with your blog, showing ads on your blog using advertising programs like Google ad sense or selling affiliate products or even your own short reports and e-books. However, making money with blogs takes lots of work and time. You have to be patient and willing to put a lot of time and effort into it.

Earn Money Moderating a Forum
Forums are another great way to make some extra money. You probably already participate in a forum or two. Why not start a forum of your own? Pick a topic you like and build a forum based on it where people can talk about it and share their ideas and experiences about he subject with each other. You can make money showing ads. And if the forum becomes popular, you can charge people to join, or have a special room in the forum where one has to subscribe in order to participate. An example of that would be the WarRoom which only paid users of worrier forum have access to.

Make Money Creating Softwares
Know how to make a software? Then start writing software and plug-ins. One of the hottest plug-in markets is the blogging platforms like word press and blogger. Use forums to find out what bloggers need that you can make a plug-in for. Create your plug-in or software, and set up a free blog to advertise it.

Make Money Posting On Forums
People who start a new forums often pay people to post on their forums, so it will look active, therefore attracts more people to join the discussion. Many forums will pay up to $0.25 per post, which can be just a sentence or two. Again you can use established forums to find people who are
looking for forum posters.

Ads On Forums
If you like participating in forums or are already a member of any forum, look for “ad share” sign in your user CP. Some forums offer a percentage of their earnings from ads, with their members.

Earn Money Online Translating Document
If you speak a second language, why not translate document online and offline, and get paid for it? Free classified sites are the best way to advertiser your service.

Make Money on Fiverr is a site where you can make money doing almost anything you can imagine for $5. Simply register for free and create gigs, offering people your services. Whether its singing a song for them, calling their kid and pretending to be Santa or teaching them a Spanish phrase or showing them how to make a facebook fan page, people are willing to pay you doing these things on Fiverr. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make money on Fiverr with things that you could never imagine someone paying you for it.

Convert Online Money
You can make money by converting, EGold money into Paypal money, etc. People charge up to 5%-10% to do the same thing.

Drop Shipping
Use sites like Caf├ęPress to create a free storefront online and be a drop shipper. You don’t have to deal with anything but getting customer to visit your online store front.

Sell Craft and Art Work Online
Have free time on your hand and are good at making things? Well, use your skills to create art work and crafts to sell online. You can sell your art work and crafts either on ebay or classified sites, especially CraigsList.

Make Money with CPA
CPA is a much easier version of affiliate marketing, which most of the time you don’t have to sell anything. You just have to send leads to advertisers site. For example, some Advertiser will pay you up to $5, each time you send a lead to there page where the person enters an email address or a zip code in order to participate in a survey to win something. Although to get accepted by CPA networks you have to have a website or a blog, you don’t need a website or blog to make money as a CPA affiliate.
Get paid to Socialize
Now that Social networking sites are becoming more popular, a lot of people want to get in the game and make money running their own social networking site. But, since they need some members to get the word out and make the site look active, they are willing to pay people to become members and post messages. Here are some social networking site you can get paid . Get paid for social networking 5 Social Networking Sites that pay you..

What is Online Business?

Just what is online business? The term itself conjures all sorts of thoughts for different people.

For some, the term online business means a new venture that delivers business entirely online whilst for others, an online business is an extension of their current business with the Internet being another channel to market.

Regardless of whether your online business is an extension of your existing business or a startup venture, you will require an understanding of the laws governing electronic commerce, exporting, taxes, digital rights and copyright, websites and online security.
Additionally, it’s important to remember that the usual business needs for business planning, targeted marketing strategies, understanding who your clients are customers are and providing a quality product are just as applicable to your online business as they are to any offline business.
For your online business to be successful, it helps to think of your web presence (website, blog or other industry associated listings) as your storefront. Your web presence is where your customers will interact with your business the most.  As such, your storefront needs to provide open access to information about your company, the products and services your company sells, your customer customer service and it should provide an easy way for customers to purchase from you.  The style of your website (or web presence) will set the tone for your online business – and even if you want to portray a casual and fun site, it is imperative to have a professionally developed site.

When creating your website, it is important to be sure that the you own the copyright or have permission to use all of the images and written material used on the site and connected to your business.

If you are setting a ECommerce store online, or a shopfront that sells things, then your online business will need to be able to take money in a secure electronic way. It is very important to remember that you must maintain privacy in these transactions, as this will not only build strong customer relations and increase sales from returning customers, it will enhance your businesses general reputation.

Electronic shopping carts and payment gateways are secure systems that will allow payments to be taken online from your shopfront.  There are a number of excellent shopping carts available – Auto Web Business (1 Shopping Cart ) is one to consider and if you are running a WordPress Website, I also recommend WP-ECommerce.

The laws that govern business, and online business, differ from Country to Country and by State in each Country.  A business owner needs to be aware of these laws as they govern tax colletion, interstate trade, exporting, restrictions on shipping and limits on what can be sold in individual states.

Overall, online business is an excellent opportunity for the business owner to tailor their business to meet their customer’s needs however, understanding the information in this article will help greatly.

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